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      Top Categories: Cable tray forming machineStereo equipment garage profilesDamper device

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      About us
      JIANGYIN BOSJ SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD located in the Yangtz e Rive r Delta and the famous "China's first village" Jiangyin Huaxi Village. It is a professional manufacturer specializing in the developing and export of roll forming machine for metal roof tiles, wall sheets, C-shaped puline, Z-shaped purline, press brakes, highway guardrail and CNC plasma cutting machine. BOSJ has developed machinery and production methods to meet customers' increasing demand for profitability and new business opportunities.
      BOSJ has a group of experienced senior engineers, technicians, they were from machinery, automatic control, power electronics, and other fields, and skilled workers ensure high quality products for customers with perfect quality management and testing systems. We're always able to meet your customized needs. From basic economical roll formers to the most complex, we fashion a solution to meet your company's production goals and budgets.
      In line with enterprising spirit on 'sincerity originally" company, use CAD/CAM electromechanics integrated technology, in a conscientious and down-to-earth manner to devoted to new product new industrial research and development of new technology, it is accurate to regard time of fighting in time of price that the high-quality products are reasonable as, loyal service is very domestic and international every user.
      Our products cover more than 20 provinces and cities in China and are also exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, African regions and North America.

      ADD:No.11team HuaXi JiangYin China

      JIANGYIN BOSJ SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD  ADD:No.11team HuaXi JiangYin China   ZIP:214411   TEL:0510-86062268   FAX:0510-86062278   E-mail:bosj@bosj.com.cn   WEB:http://www.9jwcp.com   

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